The emotional moment a cat was united with her son’s ashes has gone viral on TikTok, as she was seen smelling the ashes and even sleeping beside them at night.

TikTok user Ashleigh Edmunds, from Brisbane, Australia, shared the moment her cat, Serene, was reunited with her son, Boofy, after his death. The video was shared on Edmunds’ TikTok account, @ashleighedmunds, on January 19 and already has 1.5 million views.

“Boofy was born deaf so in his beautiful silent world, all he wanted was to be close to us,” Edmunds told Newsweek. “He would always follow Serene and I around the house, making sure he was involved in what we were doing, or better yet laying right on top of us. He was the most present, relaxed, happy and loving boy.”

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Serene sees her son Boofy's ashes
A cat owner shared the emotional moment her cat, Serene, was united with her son’s ashes after his tragic passing.

Edmunds explained how Serene reacted to seeing the ashes.

“We had just received Boofy’s ashes,” she said. “I put them on the floor, expecting Serene would smell the box like she does with most things. Only in this case she kept going towards the one spot in the box. When I got close enough, I realized it was the little bag of Boofy’s fur.

“I opened it up so she could smell it properly and she pushed her nose into the bag as deep as it would go and just stayed there smelling him. She laid down next to the box and put her paw on it. I felt like she knew he was with us, just in a different form.”

Even when Edmunds returned the bag of Boofy’s fur to the box, Serene “kept trying to get it out and smell it again.” The tearful pet owner believes that was the moment when her cat realized her son wasn’t returning.

“I felt like this moment, smelling his fur, was when she realized he wasn’t coming back,” she said. “She didn’t seem anxious or stressed, just aware that she could smell her baby but he wasn’t with us physically. I like to think that she can still feel him though, that he’s still close to us.”

Thankfully Serene has been her normal self since seeing the ashes, although Edmunds noticed that she’s been “sleeping next to his ashes” at night.

Cat discovers her son's ashes and fur
A TikTok user has gone viral for sharing a video of her cat seeing her son’s ashes and fur for the first time after his death.

Since posting the TikTok video, many people have reached out to show their support for the cat as they were amazed by this heartfelt moment.

“I made that TikTok video because in that moment I really wanted support, I hoped that I would get some comments that would help my heart hurt less,” Edmunds said. “I posted the video before bed and when I woke up there were thousands of views and comments, the most beautiful comments section I’ve ever seen.

“I know that Boofy came to me with a mission to open my heart and show me how easy and unconditional love can be. I love that Boofy and Serene’s love has moved people everywhere.”

Among the 11,000 comments on the video, one user wrote: “That poor baby knows her baby is right there and she can’t quite find him,” while another person commented: “They feel the pain of grief just as much as we do.”

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