Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley suggested that she may be ready to launch a presidential run in 2024, telling Fox News that she thinks she “can be that leader.”

Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations under former President Donald Trump, previously hinted at her potential candidacy in August, shifting her stance from 2021, when the Republican said she would not run for her party’s nomination if Trump were in the same race.

In an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier on Thursday, Haley said that if she is running for president, “I’m running against [President] Joe Biden.”

“That’s what I’m focused on, because we can’t have a second term of Joe Biden,” she added.

Nikki Haley Hints Presidential Run Against Trump
Former President Donald Trump announces that he has accepted the resignation of Nikki Haley as United Nations ambassador in the Oval Office on October 9, 2018, in Washington, D.C. Haley on Thursday hinted that she might run against her former boss in the 2024 presidential race.
Mark Wilson

Haley also told the Fox News host that there were “two things” to consider before deciding if she should run for office: “Does the current situation push for new?” and “Am I that person that could be that new leader?”

“So do I think I could be that leader? Yes,” Haley said. “But we are still working through things and we’ll figure it out.

“I’ve never lost a race,” she added. “I said that then, I still say that now. I’m not going to lose now, but stay tuned.”

Haley served under the Trump administration from 2016 to 2018 and ended her time in office on good terms with the former president, who at the time praised Haley for doing a “fantastic job” at the United Nations.

Following the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, however, Haley has been critical of her former boss, saying at the Republican National Committee dinner the day after the siege that Trump was “badly wrong with his words,” Fox News previously reported.

During the 2022 midterm elections, Trump and Haley also clashed on choices for South Carolina’s U.S. House of Representatives seat. Haley’s endorsed candidate, Representative Nancy Mace, won reelection in November despite facing criticism from Trump.

Haley stopped short of officially announcing her candidacy on Thursday, but addressed her former statement regarding whether she would run against Trump in the presidential race, telling Fox News that she “had a great working relationship with the president.”

“But the survival of America matters,” the former governor added. “And it’s bigger than one person. And when you’re looking at the future of America, I think it’s time for new generational change. I don’t think you need to be 80 years old to go be a leader in D.C.”

According to recent polling compiled by RealClear Politics (RCP), Haley is averaging fourth in a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary race, trailing Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s ex-running mate.

RCP’s average of four polls conducted November 18 to January 17 place Trump leading DeSantis by 13.8 points. Pence falls off behind the Florida leader by over 24 points, with Haley roughly 3 points behind the former vice president.

Neither DeSantis nor Pence have declared they’re running in 2024, leaving Trump as the lone confirmed GOP candidate. Biden has also not announced that he will be running for reelection.

Newsweek has reached out to Trump’s press team for comment.